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How to Perform and Report Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: An Interactive Case-Based Approach

“You look for what you know, and you see what you are looking for.” This statement summarizes all concepts a radiologist must understand to provide the gold standard of care. My fundamental aim in teaching this course is not just to review the literature with participants but to teach vividly, interactively,

ECR 2007 Austria Vienna

As the chairwoman of the Genito-Urinary program of the European Congress of Radiology that took place in Viena, March 9th to 13th 2007, I would like to thank you for supporting one of your female doctors in radiology, Dr. Rania Farouk El Sayed. She was one the 15 teachers involved in the five GU refresher courses and shared with two other speakers a 90 min session dedicated to imaging of the pelvic floor. Her 30 min talk was of outstanding quality, not only in the scientific content but also in the didactic value of her presentation. I was very proud about her stunning performance as a teacher and I am sure that she will become an excellent University teacher. She got a long lasting applause and answered numerous detailed questions from the audience. The great success of the session was mainly due to the originality of her imaging approach and her very convincing talk. Indeed the consequences of her work will strongly influence patient management in the future as well as how radiologist will acquire, read and report pelvic floor abnormalities. I hope that her really original and useful findings will get published soon..

ESUR - Poland 2017

With this letter I hereby wish to thank you for presenting the lecture “Urine incontinence” in the session “Pelvic floor” during 24th European Symposium on Urogenital Radiology which was held on 14-17.09 2017 in Sopot. I would like especially to thank for chairing the session “Pelvic floor”. I honestly believe that your knowledge and advices have resulted with positive outcome among the participants. Your effort have contributed to the success of the venture. Thanks to you the 24th ESUR Symposium was a very fruitful event. I look forward to seeing you at our future symposia.

ECR 2008 - Austria Vienna

On behalf of Professor Magnusson and the PEP committee, I have the honor and pleasure to officially invite you to participate i n the refresher course (RC 507) entitled ' Imaging of the pelvic floor'.

Invitation we Rania 2008 - Germany

Individual workshop presentation are limited to 20 minutes of speaking time and

10 minutes of discussion or interactive teaching.